Wednesday, May 15, 2013

^ Lonely Planet Vietnam (Country Travel Guide) Reviews

Very good guide!
I believe the fellow from the other post missed the fact that Lonely Planet's Travel Guides are not written by a sole author, but rather by a team of several people.

This information easily undoes the math according to which it is not possible to go (or gather information) on all the places indicated in the Guide.

That being said, the Vietnam, together with the Myanmar, Cambodia and Korea Guides, was my first experience in travelling with Lonely Planet and, in the end, I was quite satisfed with it.

LP's guides contain a lot of interesting historical information and have very nice hotel and restaurant hints.

Bear in mind, however, that the publisher is much more interested in lower income countries and less expensive options.

Therefore, while the Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam guides were amazing, the Korea one was very disappointing. Furthermore, LP guides lack information on most luxurious tourism options.

If that is...

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