Tuesday, February 5, 2013

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The Human Advantage
The Human Advantage

"Combat Tracking Guide" by John Hurth a retired Special Forces operator and renowned tracking instructor, is the latest addition to the growing study of man-tracking/visual tracking books available. This book is predominantly for military trackers, if you did not already realize this from the books title. And with that will not make all trackers happy. But fortunately this book made me extremely happy.

The intent of this book is to provide a definitive manual of operational employment concepts, methods and tracking techniques interwoven into a cohesive operational methodology (find, fix, finish, exploit, analyze, and disseminate) to enable the end-user to wield the military tracker and tracker teams in the most effective manner in combat.

The first chapter covers the salient points of understanding the fundamentals and concepts of visual tracking covering; use of lighting, visual indicators, factors affecting sign, aging theory and...

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Combat Tracking Guide

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