Sunday, February 3, 2013

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Different kind of read
While Robert Flanagan's collection of tales may not be recommended especially for a holiday or festive occasion, it still would get the nod for an entirely different kind of read. Ann Pancake (Given Ground) says Flanagan offers lots of
suspense and rich descriptive writing of cultures from Vietnam to Europe to North Africa, all within the experience of a former soldier and former marine. Another Vietnam writer, Craig Etchison (Vietnam Snapshots), calls Peripheral Visions a collection of superb stories and a welcome addition to literature about IndoChina. Flanagan vividly portrays individuals and their relationships, some in war, an equal amount in private life. In one series of communications between two former lovers who are near death, he accounts their resolution to reunion. The stories have originated not as much from as military background as from the present status of the author, himself, as a Master of Arts in English and Literature. Drinking, war, the wounded and the...

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Peripheral Visions

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