Friday, February 8, 2013

> Sing 'n Learn Vietnamese (English and Vietnamese Edition) Discount

Best of its kind...and terribly addictive!
I bought a bunch of Vietnamese children's CDs for my Amerasian children and this was definitely the best. The vocals are exceptionally clear, the melodies catchy and beautiful, and the arrangements perfect for kids in their simplicity. The songs are a mixture of Vietnamese children's favorites and familiar Western tunes, e.g. "Twinkle Twinkle and "Frere Jacques" (though not direct translations)

My daughter is particularly enchanted with a beautifully melancholy tune about Chu Cuoi, the "man on the moon." We sometimes underestimate children's ability to appreciate complex tones and emotions in music. There are also a lot of fun witty songs, including about a mouse tricking a cat, and another about loving everyone in your (extended) family "the most."

The lyric book is simple, in English and Vietnamese. I found a few translation flubs but they're minor.

This is a must-have and I wish they would make more!

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Sing 'n Learn Vietnamese (English and Vietnamese Edition)

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