Sunday, February 3, 2013

> Time It Was: American Stories from the Sixties Sale

Caputring the Spirt and Substance of the 1960's: incorporating all points of view
This book captures both the "spirit" and the "substance" of the 1960's. The various contributors present a multi-level photograph of an extremely turbulent and explosive time in our country's history. The book provides both "satellite landscapes" and "portrait close-ups". The balanced writing and panoply of viewpoints makes this work a "history handbook" while other published works about the 1960's seem to dissolve into gray and beige.

Even the cover art reflects the balanced approach of the book: Ms. Liberty's entire appearance reflects the palate of cultural and political views that "marked" the decade.

In reading the personal reflections of individuals who lived through this period in American History, I felt a very strong connection:

a. I wrote my college senior thesis on the May 1968 student revolts at Columbia University and the Sorbonne;

b. Having been born in 1955, I was too young to meaningfully participate in any of the...

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Time It Was: American Stories from the Sixties

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