Sunday, March 3, 2013

>>> Behind the Moon Half Off

A multicultural, multigenerational story of acceptance
This is the story of three friends and their families. This trio consists of "multicultural rejects"; Justin "Jay" is the gay child of Chinese immigrants; Tien Ho, conceived out-of-wedlock during the Vietnamese War by a Vietnamese mother and African-American GI father; and Gibbo, a chubby, white, socially inept Australian who yearns to be Asain. Each character feels out of place in society and clings to each other only to find that they are even out of place with each other.

After drifting apart for a few years, their parents take action to bring them together. They orchestrate a dinner to celebrate the life of Princess Diana and watch the live coverage of her funeral. During the course of the dinner, Justin is outed, Tien's fiance is knocked unconscious, everyone is ashamed when it occurs to them that they forgot Gibbo's birthday. And to top it off, the food is awful!

Despite this disastrous dinner, it sets a series of events in motion to reconcile not only the...

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Behind the Moon

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