Saturday, March 2, 2013

> Photographing Washington D.C. Digital Field Guide Deals

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OK People, there are three photograph guide books of Washington D.C. on Amazon. You could buy all three like me hoping to get the most out of your trip or you can just buy this book. The other 2 books do not compare to this book. This book is much more thorough and informational then the other books. John does all the hard work for us, he tells us how to get to the location and tells us what setting to use. The other books are very basic and does not go into detail on what settings and exposures to use. He also teaches us a few tricks to get dramatic photos. You can tell John took a lot of time and effort writing this book. The most exciting thing is there is a companion iphone app, that will co-inside with your gps to help you get to your photo destinations. How much easier can things be? Now I don't have to worry about how to get around D.C. or figure out how to use the Subway, my Iphone app will do it all for me. Thanks so much for creating the App. If you are trying to decide...

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Photographing Washington D.C. Digital Field Guide

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