Sunday, March 3, 2013

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For the story behind the action
Denis Foley is a professional writer these days, and it shows in the vivid mental images his writing evokes, the clarity and depth of detail he pours out onto the page, and smell of jungle mold and mildew that seems to rise from the pages of this book. Although this is a work of fiction, much of it aligns with his own life history as written in "Special Men."

Foley's works are not for those who want The Formula Viet Nam book (I fired my belt-fed Stoner from the hip, killed a battalion of suicide VC, then went and had some beer). He includes not just spectacular battle stories, but also some detail on the processes and procedures of inserting a LRP team, calling in air and artillery support, getting a medevac, and the planning and logistics that go into the whole operation. It isn't just "fly out, kill the bad guys, fly back, have some more beer."

Foley's battle sequences are particularly striking in their analysis of what a platoon leader must...

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