Saturday, March 2, 2013

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More than a book about Vietnam
Giong is more than just a story of the Vietnam War. It is a fast paced story of revenge that will grab your attention and not let it go until the end. The story travels from a Georgia boot camp that leads to the Vietnam War, to the Florida Keys, to the drug trade of Central America and eventually back to Vietnam. The fast paced action and descriptive narrative about life in Vietnam during the war are what I really liked about this book.

The main character, Craig, is caught in his past and a need for revenge that won't let him be. The character is at times mysterious, brutal, and heroic. Events have a way of pushing Craig towards an eventual reckoning with his past. While An, the Vietnamese Reporter, lends a depth to the book as well and helps to illuminate the conflicts between two cultures.

Giong is a well written book that illustrates the futility of all wars, and the challenges veterans face when they return to a world so very different than the war...

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