Friday, March 1, 2013

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poetic horror
I was going to write that this book is a pleasure to read, but given its grim and often painful content, that might be like admitting that I'm a sadist. Dinh's prose itself, though, is a pleasure indeed--it's often like poetry instead, and it makes me want to read his poetry. The content is often poetic too, with finely observed details of scene and character, and again, with perfectly chosen and revealing words to describe them.

Dinh may or may not reveal much about Vietnamese people and culture; those looking for touristic, voyeuristic exotica could well find some here. They might also decide that Vietnamese men really know how to abuse Vietnamese women. However, if they do think they're learning anything about Vietnamese people in general, I hope they stop and ask themselves--was Poe an accurate representative and chronicler of his country's society? Was William Faulkner, or Flannery O'Connor, or Michel Houellebecq, or any other writer with an idiosyncratically dark...

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