Saturday, January 5, 2013

* Beginner's Vietnamese (Beginner's (Foreign Language)) Reviews

5 Stars!
The title says much of it: it is for beginners. If you start with this book (and if you're studying by youself), you will not get lost or desmotivated like you probably would (i did) with "Colloquial Vietnamese: A Complete Language Course".

B.V. is a very step by step book; starts introducing words, with words make sentences, with sentences make dialogs, and with dialogs make texts. It is a complete book. Each lesson (out of 30) provides a dialog that is the core if the lesson; this dialog is supported not only by the vocabulary, but also with notes on usage, grammar, and plenty of drills to make us comprehend better what we were just thaught and retain it. It has also exercises and questions about the texts.

After 3 lessons, what we learned in the dialogs becomes a text without translation (all the dialogs have translations); it is like a review lesson.

Being of 1972 (1995 is the reprint date) doesn't harm this book at all. Very good!

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Beginner's Vietnamese (Beginner's (Foreign Language))

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