Thursday, January 3, 2013

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Almost perfect
The book is perfect for what it is, a concise history of Vietnam at war from the point of view of Vietnam. Everything is covered from Vietnamese day-to-day life to major war developments. The author maintains a neutral point of view and the text is a joy to read. While there's no time for any detailed analysis of the wars, it'd have been fitting to devote just a few pages to a short analysis of how two Great Powers failed to beat the communists militarily even with all their resources. Now such questions are merely noted in passing. Other interesting details such as cultural differences between the North and South that might have contributed to the rise of Communism in the North are covered.
After three decades of war the Vietnamese have every right to ask whether it was worth it. While communism failed to deliver on its promises, the book ends on an optimistic note as Vietnam has experienced two decades of rapid economic growth and a significant rise in pluralism. But these...

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Vietnam at War

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