Wednesday, January 9, 2013

^ Divided We Fall: How Disunity Leads to Defeat Promo Offer

honest, accurate, extensively documented
Divided We Fall is the most thoroughly and factually documented book about the Vietnam era that I have ever read. The thesis is validated by high level government and military officials in North Vietnam and our own former National Security Advisor and Secretary of State, Dr. Henry Kissinger. He has stated that, "In Vietnam we defeated ourselves with domestic divisions."

The author provides proof that the Communist regime in North Vietnam used and manipulated the antiwar movement in the United Sates to win a political victory in a war that it could not win militarily. In the enemy's own words, the antiwar movement played a major role in their war fighting strategy.

The author provides irrefutable evidence that the antiwar movement encouraged the enemy to hold out in the face of numerous battlefield defeats. This prolonged the war by several years and contributed immeasurably to our eventual defeat...

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Divided We Fall: How Disunity Leads to Defeat

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