Wednesday, January 2, 2013

^ Learning from the Sixties: Memoir of an Organizer Price

John Maher's LEARNING FROM THE SIXTIES Gives Us Great Insight Into Issues Of The Day
For John Maher life has not been about black and white. In his book LEARNING FORM THE SIXTIES: MEMOIR OF AN ORGANIZER he shows that it is more about right and wrong. We read about how his feelings about the issues of the day caused him to take a stand---sometimes even when it was unpopular---and help others be able to find and use their voices as well. It's not just about being a part of a protest. Maher wanted to be a part of action. That was one of the striking things for me as I read the book. I can't say I agree with all facets of his politics, but I do agree with him that when it comes to being a part of change that means you have to do more than talk. You have to be ready to take action.

Throughout his journey Maher brought attention to injustice that he encountered as well as tackling the misinformation that he felt like was used to take the United States to war. When it comes to the timeless factor of his story of events that took place decades ago we are reminded...

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Learning from the Sixties: Memoir of an Organizer

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