Friday, January 4, 2013

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A modern Renaissance Man, in every sense of the word
Smallwood was a STRAC candidate (and, later, Tac Officer), a redoubtable and inventive MACV Advisor, (respected by his ARVNs and feared by those bad guys who had the misfortune to venture into his AO), a courageous vanquisher of horrific wounds, an excellent blues picker and singer, and, now, nothing less than the first part-American Indian Yaweh, white suitedly appearing on the nation's tube screens, spreading wrathful justice and fearful wisdom to all, (except, regrettably, to the recalcitrant and obtuse Sarah Silverman). Wotta man.

This book is, (to borrow a phrase from a previous combat veteran polymath), a real "movable feast", and an often funny one at that, recounting in equal measure the impressive highs and the occasional depressing lows of Smallwood's remarkable life. Reading it is a real trip, in all senses of that word, and once you've finished it, I feel safe in saying that you won't soon forget either the book or the man.

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