Saturday, April 6, 2013

^ Destination Saigon: Adventures in Vietnam Reviews

Travel Writing at Its Best
"Destination Saigon" is one of my all-time favorite travel books. Some travel books will tell you what to expect in such-and-such country, but in this book, I actually feel as though I am on the journey beside author Walter Mason, whose descriptions read like scenes from a novel and whose own effusive personality makes for the ideal traveling companion. I particularly love Mason's sense of humor. For example, once when Mason's trying to observe a Buddhist holiday, a local celebrity walks into a vegetarian restaurant and all thoughts of spiritual awakening fly out the window as everyone turns to gawk and gossip. As Mason writes: "Don't look now," hissed Kien, my fashionable young companion, "but a movie star has just walked in the door--and he's got monks with him!" He then goes on to describe the feigned outrage and of course envy such a celebrity engenders as his companion analyzes the star's every move. Mason often displays a charming sense of humor in his scenes of interactions...

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Destination Saigon: Adventures in Vietnam

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