Wednesday, April 3, 2013

~ Educating Veterans in the 21st Century (Volume 1) Big SALE

An important resource for college educators and veterans!!
This book is a much needed and valuable resource for veterans as well as college administrators and professors. As a university professor (Univ. of Southern Indiana), I try to be alert to the somewhat unique needs of veterans -- this book is very helpful in that regard. Faculty not only have veterans in their classes but also serve as department advisors for veterans majoring in a particular discipline. Sadly, my sense is that far too few administrators and professors are properly informed about or sensitive to returning veterans, despite passage of the recent 2008 GI Bill. This book covers such key topics as financial aid, transfer credits, educational programs, classroom climate, and the health care of veterans. There is also some valuable historical information in this book, such as how veterans have fared upon returning from previous wars and/or military service (e.g. Vietnam, World War II). The authors do a wonderful job of combining anecdotal evidence of the problems that...

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Educating Veterans in the 21st Century (Volume 1)

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