Tuesday, April 2, 2013

>>> Footprint Thailand, 5th Edition (Footprint Thailand Handbook) Price

Superior to Lonely Planet guides.
I took this book with me on my trip to Thailand and I was glad I did. Its tone is much less that of the wannabe-hipster and more of the seasoned realist. To me, that was very fitting for this country in particular.

Much of the subjective criticism within the book was accurate and helpful, such as the honest appraisal of Chiang Mai's night bazaar. Even better were the excellent essays on a the dizzying array of Thai history and culture. They perfectly enhanced what I witnessed firsthand and were not overbearing; I never felt as though I was being spoonfed conclusions.

My only issue is with some of the things that were left out or glossed over. Two cases in point: A person should be aware that cons and criminal activity go on ALL OVER Bangkok. I caught a kid trying to pickpocket me on the Skytrain and it was not a pretty scene. That is a very serious crime and could have really ruined my trip -- so I think in any guide to Thailand this issue needs to be made...

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Footprint Thailand, 5th Edition (Footprint Thailand Handbook)

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