Saturday, April 6, 2013

>> Trailblazer South East Asia: The Graphic Guide Discount

When is this format going to be used for other regions!?
In the past 2 years I have been on the road for over 1 year. Most recently returning from a 7 month trip which included Australia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, India, Nepal, UAE, and Qatar among others.

I took this guidebook with me (No chance of finding it in bookstores I suspected correctly).

The author uses a very innovative map system with symbols to quickly show the traveler what is worth visiting, what is not, and how to get there - by bus, air, or train. The symbols and limited text also show where to stay. Train schedules in small tables too. The author provides just the right amount of descriptive text about the various countries to keep yourself out of trouble and/or pique your interest.

What this map system does is help eliminate the "Head stuck in guidebook" that can befall any traveler - experienced or not.
Many guidebooks like to "hand-hold" travelers almost to the point where some of the fun of traveling is removed...

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Trailblazer South East Asia: The Graphic Guide

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