Sunday, April 7, 2013

* Fire in the Hole: A Mortarman in Vietnam Discount

Review: Fire in the Hole
My brother has finally made his peace, his absolution about a time in his life where his horrid memories remained locked tighter than a mummy's tomb. The tomb has been opened as Orange takes readers from Marine Boot Camp to the jungles of VietNam on a journey so explicitly unravelled you'd think you were with him every anxiouss step of the way.

Orange's account is vidid, clear and noncondescending--a profile of a young man experiencing his rights of passage through a hellacioius war that nobody wanted to be in and everybody wanted to be out of.

From passing the poop at Parris Island, South Carolina to passing the mortars at Que Son Mountain, Orange shares his tears and fears, love and losts and whole lot in between his journey that started as a middle class wanna-be priest from the suburbs to a mortar man in Nam.

It's a cover-to-cover, one-sit read----and that's not because he's my borther. He did a damn good job!

Dennis E. Orange, Brother, Denny at Kent State University,...

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Fire in the Hole: A Mortarman in Vietnam

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