Wednesday, April 10, 2013

>> Song of the Buffalo Boy (Great Episodes) Half Off

Song of the Buffalo boy
Song of the Buffalo Boy is a wonderful book about some of the effects of the war in Vietnam. It was written by Sherry Garland. It is 282 pages, but has a double-spaced format, which makes it fly by. It tells the story of a fifteen year old farm girl in a town near Da Nang, Vietnam. She is very tall, with large hands and curly black hair. This is because she is Amerasian. During the Vietnam war, many Vietnamese women slept with soldiers for money. Loi remembers being with a tall blonde man and her mother when she was young. He seemed kind, and gentle. She has a picture of herself, her mother and this soldier. She is certain that this is her father, although whenever she brings up the subject her mother won't tell her anything. Her dream is to go to America and find her father. She has no idea about the Amerasian Homecoming project, which was set up in Vietnam for children of the wars. It was a real program that gave over 80,000 Amerasian children the opportunity to go to America.. The...

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Song of the Buffalo Boy (Great Episodes)

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