Thursday, April 4, 2013

^ The Rough Guide to Travel Online - 2nd Edition Reviews

Still relevant
This little book was published in 2004. The Internet and the hundreds of thousands of websites on it are ever changing and fluid. Although I didn't check out all of the websites in the book, I was surprised at how many were still up and running from the ones I did!

As with any book that concentrates on online resources, with time and effort you can obviously find everything the author did. This compact reference though saves you time by having done the research.

A nice aspect to the book is the organization. It is organized by the basics which includes airlines, trains, buses, accommodations and more. This section is followed by themes and activities (sports, walking, health etc), a section on special accomodations (children, disabilities etc) and specialist holidays. The final section is country-by-country.

Yes, some of the websites have fallen victim to the economy, but the organization of the book will allow you to add on your searches to find that...

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The Rough Guide to Travel Online - 2nd Edition

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