Thursday, April 4, 2013

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Cultural aspects of contemporary tourism
This new title in the form of a textbook will offer you one of the best overviews of cultural aspects and practices in contemporary tourism. It explains not only some basic terms and notions associated with culture in general (definitions of culture, cultural identity, distance, shock, diversity, globalization of culture, intercultural theories), but also gives an insight into various cultural issues and impacts of international tourism, including cultural influences on social interaction, on tourism products or services, on ethics, etc. Probably the most useful for tourism practitioners (suppliers, marketers, front-line employees) is the part about cultural differences among international societies and cross-cultural or intercultural competence. The text is well-written and documented, easily read, with short and concise chapters, simple but vivid explanations, lots of tables and graphics and relevant case studies, which make it suitable as a learning tool for students of tourism...

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International Tourism

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